Gas Industry Innovation and Development

Gas Apps Australia continues to develop and innovate fittings and gas systems for industrial uses. We oversee the design and manufacture of our systems and components in our New South Wales factory to ensure the highest level of safety for all our products. The designers and engineers at Gas Apps Australia are able to custom design components for your system. Some of our latest innovations have been adopted by the industry across the board, continuing the refinement and development of gas systems across Australia. 

SMS Controller and Monitor

GasApps Australia has developed an SMS control and monitor system for the gas fumigation industry in Australia. The technology can be adapted to suit any application in any industry that requires remote control and monitoring. It has already found a place in the grain fumigation industry in Australia. Most of the grain storages are located in remote parts of the country. This system allows full contact with the fumigation process to retrieve data such as gas cylinder pressure, fumigation hours run etc. in just seconds from anywhere in the world. 

Benefits of the system include:
  • Remote control from your mobile phone
  • Send commands to your machine or equipment via SMS
  • Receive commands from your machine or equipment via SMS
  • Receive instant messages if machine shuts down, power failure, low gas pressure and so on
  • No communication wires required
  • Suitable for mobile machines or equipment
  • Unit has an inbuilt PLC, which can be programmed to run additional machine requirements
  • Very low running costs, and will even operate with a pre-paid SIMM card

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